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Cheezie Chews

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Cheezie Chews

​Cheezie Chews™ ​ are the first of their kind edible chews for dogs focused on providing pets with a great tasting, functional and fun product without sacrificing their overall health and well-being. Many dog chews start with a starch or grain like corn as the first ingredient. These ingredients offer little to no flavor or nutritional benefits for your dog. Cheezie Chews start with naturally great tasting, protein rich, lactose and fat free Himalayan Brand cheese. This ensures your dog receives a great tasting, protein rich, easily digestible chew without the need for artificial flavors or colors.

March 2017
Global One Pet

Brett Weinberg, VP Sales & Marketing, GlobalOne Pet

As the vice president of sales and marketing for a consumable pet company web development has become an essential and time consuming activity, especially since it’s a function we need to outsource. Despite thorough research and referrals the first several web development companies we worked with were really a challenge. We experienced everything from exceeding budgeted costs, project running late to simple not receiving replies on immediate issues.

I can’t tell you how lucky we are that we found Karim and MIS. He and his corporation are honest, talented and responsive. Gone are the days of waiting a month for a response or being disappointed that the functionalities we discussed aren’t working properly. I outline a project for Karim, send him my copy and design thoughts and I have a great looking, functional website for a reasonable cost in a matter of weeks. We have already developed 3 websites with Karim and look forward to doing more with him in the future.

I strongly recommend Karim and MIS for anything web development based. on iPhone on iPhone on iPad
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