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In the early days, it is easier to distinguish between a web developer and a designer – a web designer's design while a web developer creates code. Today, the difference between the two requires a little more nuance. Almost every web designer knows a little about CSS and HTML. And you can easily find an Albuquerque web developer who can create a storyboard. Let’s take a look at the general concepts of web designer and web developer Albuquerque.

Who Is A Web Designer?

A web designer concentrates on the style and feel of a website page, using tools to customize the site’s visual elements. The designers also use codes like CSS and HTML to create their designs. But wait – there’s more.

User Experience (UX) designer: The job of a UX web designer is to keep your website visitors hooked. Web designers know exactly how to create a site that your audience will enjoy because they have carried out research into your website's needs and demographics, not to mention site restructuring and prototype testing.

User Interface (UI) designer: A User Interface helps to improve the way web users interact with the elements on a website. They do this by translating complex business ideas and values into a site that is easy to navigate and enjoyable.

Visual designer: This is a mixture of both UI and UX. It is a visual designer's job to not only improve user’s experience using their coding and creative skills but solve design problems. Visual designers also help conceptualize your brand’s tone of voice or unique style. In essence, web designers are the master of all web design tasks, and their specific roles vary depending on what is required.

Who Is A Web Developer?

A web developer creates all the code that makes a site tick. Web developers can be classified into two categories – front-end developers and back-end developers. The client-side or front-end of an application is the code accountable for influencing how the site will essentially display the designs crafted by a web designer.

The back-end is where the core structure of the website is designed. These developers are experts in using complex software languages like SQL, C#, and Java. The work done by back-end developers is not seen by users because it entails coding on the databases and web servers and not on the browser.

Front-end web developers don’t usually select typography, create mock-ups, select color palettes – these functions are usually provided by the web designer. It is the job of web developers to make these mocks come to life. A full-stack developer, on the other hand, works across different layers, which include both the back-end and front-end. Essentially, full-stack developers are experts in all areas of web development.

Choosing a Web Developer or Web Developer Albuquerque

Web developers and web designers in Albuquerque NM, are always playing a crucial role in the digital world. Hope this clarifies the differences between web designer and developers and will help you make the right choice. Whether you are looking for the service of an Albuquerque web developer or designer, contact MIS Expert Web Design & Marketing for a free consultation.

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