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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Are you frustrated that your website is not showing up well in Google? Worst yet, are your competitors coming up before you? Learn about how MIS can help you beat your competition by implementing a Search Engine Optimization Strategy.

Be Found on the Web!

MIS, Inc. designs all websites that are both user friendly and search engine friendly; we strive to have all our customer sites buzzing with traffic. We do this because our goal is helping your business succeed on the web and you cannot succeed if people can’t find your website in search engines like Google and the new Bing and others. MIS offers an experienced SEO team to help you with search engine optimization.

See at a glance: Customers, Traffic, Requests and Page Views
‍See at a glance: Customers, Traffic, Requests and Page Views

Search Engine Friendly Websites

When we create a website for you we will help you understand what to emphasize in your text, we will write titles for your main pages and meta tags (that help you "sell" someone on clicking on your link when you do come up in the search engines).

Keywords and Ranking Reports

Choosing the keywords you want to come up for is often the key to doing well on the Web. If you emphasize something few people actually search for, you will lose a lot of your possible audience. We know how to help you choose the right words to optimize for. We also do ranking reports to find out where you are for your keywords and we can analyze and advise you on what everything means.

Let us help you be found on the web!

We know how search engines think and we keep up with their changes and new developments. We will use that knowledge to help you be found on the web. And if you want, we will help you learn the basics of how to get the most from the search engines so your site can be found by new prospective customers when they search for what you do.

What’s Next?

Tired of your site not coming up in the search engines or of having to pay per click? We have solutions for you.

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