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Online Ordering Page

Online Ordering Page (Starting at $199)

Example of an online ordering page built on Square Online

What we do:

  • We’ll set up a single-page Square Online store for your brand, with items ready to order
  • Ideal for in-person stores or restaurants looking for a quick way to accept orders online

How we do it:

  1. Kick off call: Half hour zoom or phone call to get your requirements and give you an estimate
  2. Pages: Create your online ordering page
  3. Item Library: We will sync up your items from Square (up to 50 items)
  4. Design: Simple and elegant, using your existing assets and design references
  5. Back-end settings: We’ll set up your site’s business hours, pickup/delivery preferences and social media syncing to meet your requirements
  6. Training call: We’ll guide you through using your new online store in an hour-long training call or video
  7. Edits: We’ll make up to 2 rounds of edits based on your feedback
  8. Live site:  You’ll have an online store ready to accept orders in 2-4 days
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